ICT Consulting & Solutions

Here at Base Two Solutions we don’t only create beautify crafted websites and mobile applications. We also offer a range of ICT related services from hosting Websites and Mobile applications to supporting local Small businesses with Windows Desktop support, Cloud servers, MS applications and can even help home users with PC issues.  Do you need help with a Printer, Wi-Fi router setup or PC upgrade? If so, we can help.

ICT Consulting

Base Two Solutions will work with you on the planning of any Strategic ICT investment. If you need assistance with choosing the right ICT solution for your business or want to test the market for the best solution and price point. Base Two Solutions can create and run an RFP process to choose a new Telco or IT provider on your behalf.

We couldn’t have transitioned our services from Spark to Vodafone without B2S. We now have a fast and reliable WAN and Internet service and have successfully incorporated a number of iPads into our operations. Plus, we have a custom-built Intranet mobile application designed by B2S for staff to gain access to critical healthcare information

Devon Diggle
Mary Potter Hospice

  • Do you simply need advice on what devices you should purchase for home or business?
  • Are you still using aging Microsoft Windows servers and older PBX/Key system phone technologies?
  • Interested in moving to the cloud for IT and Telephony, but don’t know which technology to choose or use?

B2S project managed the NZRDA ICT evolution and moved all their legacy in-house systems to cloud-based applications and can staff can now work from anywhere seamlessly.

The award-winning builders, Progressive Homes gave up old desktop PC’s and in-house servers for cloud-based systems including IP Telephones so are now able to work remotely with their new Surface Pros and move their show home offices in a number of hours and not days anymore.

Base Two Solution can help with all the above from writing ICT strategies to aligning with your business processes, to checking your billing to make sure you are getting the right services for the best price

Small Business Support

Got a problem with a Windows PC, Laptop or Tablet and need IP telephones for the office.  Use cloud services for everything. reduce onsite equipment and support costs and provide built-in business continuity and free your business from fixed assets.

We have helped dozens of local business reduce their capital expenditure by moving to cloud-based subscription services making collaboration easier with the ability to share and connect to customers and staff from anywhere that has a decent internet connection.

Base Two Solutions can assist with the procurement of PC’s laptops, switches and cabling systems for the home or small office and set up all your IT systems helping with: -

  • Windows 10 upgrades
  • Microsoft applications installation and configurations, MS Office, Outlook email assistance
  • Home Office Wi-fi and access point install and configurations
  • Setup and configure G-suite and Google accounts
  • Configure mobile devices, printers, audiovisual conferencing aids.

Home Support with Wi-Fi and emails

Need support with setting up your IT at home? What’s the best broadband service to purchase and what should you order and when. If you are building a new home what cabling will be needed for Data, Audio, and TV? Base Two Solutions can help you make those important decisions